One of the best things about trail-riding with Juro Stables is that you get to choose your own adventure because the path and the pace at which you ride are personalized to you. There are plenty of beautiful trails to navigate – some are in open fields and others wind through the woods, and you can pursue the routes of your choice.

The next best thing about Juro Stables trail rides is that you have the security of knowing that the horse has been hand-picked to match your level of experience and the kind of ride you wish to have, and that you are always going to be accompanied by a seasoned rider. Riders of all skill levels and ages can enjoy the experience that Juro Stables offers. You can pick from morning, afternoon, or sunset trail-rides; all rides wind down by 8:00pm.

The price, per hour, per person, varies with time of day, and there are youth rates available too. Always call in advance to reserve your ride, and keep in mind that all rides are weather-dependent. Also, the guides that serve you work for tips, so bring some extra cash.