The Travellers Rest Plantation, a historic home and the former plantation grounds of one of the state of Tennessee’s first home-owning families, has a fascinating and layered local history. You can learn more about it by taking a house tour, visiting the museum, and walking the grounds. There are many stories to be told: how the peach orchard was one of the battleground sites for the Civil War’s Battle of Nashville, how the home was utilized as an Army of Tennessee troop general’s headquarters, and how, even prior to that, a plethora of first-millennium Native American skeleton bones and other artifacts was excavated from the site.

All of the tours are guided by knowledgeable, enthusiastic docents who fill you in on all the details as you explore. Throughout your tour you will become educated about other topics of the time period – 19th Century herbal medicine and surgery, for example.

Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum is open every day with limited hours on Sundays. Specialized group tours and lunch options are available with an advance reservation. Tickets are $10 and under per person.