The excitement of searching out random goods – new, used, one of-a-kind, and of different varieties – is part of the thrill of flea market shopping, and NYC specializes in flea market shopping.  Greenflea was one of the first outdoor markets on the scene and is known for that same excitement, every Sunday.

You can pick through items of all kinds – clothes, media, furniture, accessories, you name it – and get to know the vendors, the history of the treasures, and learn about collections of items you didn’t even know existed. Some stuff has been pre-priced; with other items you can name your price. You may find that pricing options are different at the end of the day when vendors are wrapping up the work day. The experience is a whole Choose Your Own (shopping) Adventure.

After your adventure you will need to eat, so check out the vendors that sell prepared foods, or take some fresh produce home from the farmer’s market section. Greenflea is free to enter and you can get away with only your debit credit card at many of the stalls. If you have to withdraw cash, there are ATMs available.  Greenflea is open every Sunday, 10:00am-5:30pm, whatever the weather.