The New York Hall of Science is one of those amazing, exploratory places where your children are supposed to touch everything. There are hundreds of exhibits there for children and their parents to explore, and from every field of science imaginable. For a day that’s both educational and fun, the New York Hall of Science is where it’s at.

Awe-Inspiring Exhibitions

Many of the exhibitions at the New York Hall of Science are frequently coming and going, but there are some great permanent exhibitions as well. Permanent exhibitions include Hidden Kingdoms, Marvelous Molecules, and Mathematica.  Some exhibitions, art exhibits, and theater presentations cost extra, and many rotate throughout the year.  Some temporary exhibitions the Hall of Science has had on display in the past include Vital Signs, which was a collection of art that draws on the topic of microbiology, and Space Junk 3D, a film about space collision. Rocket Park Mini Golf and Science Playground are permanent exhibitions that have an extra charge attached to admission–because of how fun both are, though, they’re totally worth the extra cash you’ll have to spend to access them!

Sweet 3D Theatre

Watching 3D films is generally a pretty awesome experience, but how about watching a 3D film that shows the migration of the monarch butterflies, or an adventure through the Grand Canyon, or the “hidden universe?” With films that are great and education for adults and kids alike, you might have a hard time choosing just which one you’re going to see.

Clubs and Camps

If you have a science lover in the family, or if you’re a parent who’s panicking over what you’re going to do as soon as school ends for the summer, the New York Hall of Science is the perfect solution. With camps for kids ages kindergarten through fourth grade that focus on scientific wonders ranging from electricity to gravity, your kids will be thrilled to be part of this camp. During the school year, there are also after-school programs available for enrollment.

Hours of Admission and Rates

Make sure you check the Hall of Science’s calendar for admission hours, as they vary by season. Most of the time however, the Hall of Science is open from the morning through late afternoon most days of the week. There are certain seasons when they are closed on Mondays. Admission includes access to Preschool Place, an area for preschool-aged children and their families. The New York Hall of Science also has an extensive library, entrance to which is also included in admission price.

General admission to the Hall of Science is $11 for adults, $8 for kids, $8 for students, and $8 for senior citizens. Those who want a group admission will get a special deal, and kids under the age of two are free. There is paid parking available and plenty of public transportation options as well. However, there is FREE admission through the months of September through June on Fridays from 2 PM to 5 PM, and Sundays from 10 AM to 11 AM.