Take your date or group of double-daters on an adult-only Rocks Off concert cruise.  Concerts take place on any number of boats, with names like The Princess, The Harbor Lights, and The Paddlewheel Queen, among the fleet of boats that Rocks Off operates.  Every boat, like every concert, has its own personality and offers something different in the mood, size, and overall experience.

To buy tickets for shows, purchase them online, call 866-468-7619, or go in person to the Skyport Marina (where most boats depart from) or to the box office at the Highline Ballroom (where there are many on-land shows).  You will then check in at boarding time.

Rocks Off has optional dingy transport services that take you off of the boat and to the shore periodically throughout the evening. Full bars are available, as well as other places to sneak off to and chill out with your date. Be sure to confirm your departure location.