Rumored of being one of the most haunted places in the United States, the Eastern State Penitentiary is both a historic site and a ghost tour that really has to be seen to be believed.

The regular tours bring you on the grounds during the day, showing you the highlights of the famous prison where mobsters such as Al Capone paid their debt to society. You can even see the “lap of luxury”, the luxurious cell that house Al Capone himself during his famous incarceration. The grounds are kept in just enough repair as to not fall into ruin, but the age of the site is truly felt.

At night, however, the tours change. “Terror Behind The Walls” is a guided ghost tour through some of the spots rumored to be the most spiritually active. Touted as a true-to-life “Haunted House”, the ghost tours of the Eastern State Penitentiary are said to as unpredictable as they are harrowing. Guests have gone through the entire tour without so much as a hair standing on the back of their necks, and others have been completely terrified.

Group rates are available for both the normal and ghost tours, and ghost-hunting groups can arrange overnight stays for deeper exploration of the supernatural.