The Philly Improv Theater, also known as PHIT, offers comedy shows almost every evening of the week in the varieties of sketch, improv, stand-up and more. Most nights of the week there are two BYOB shows, usually an early and a later show.  You can buy tickets for them online or at the theater 30 minutes before show-time. Most of the regular shows take place at the Shubin Theatre in Queen Village, but other PHIT event venues can vary Рso always check your tickets!

Important: If you purchase tickets online, be prepared to pick them up a least 6 minutes before the show starts because they have a policy of giving away any tickets that haven’t been claimed to those that are on stand-by 5 minutes before the show.

The PHIT comedy writing and improv curriculum is as extensive as its ongoing showcase of performances, and there are classes of all levels offered regularly, many of them in the early evening.