The Privacy Policy for this website is outlined on this page. The privacy of the information of anyone who visits our website is of the greatest importance to us, as is the safety of their personal information. If, at any time, we decide to change any portion of this policy, we will post any and all changes on this and any other relevant pages as quickly as possible.

On occasion, we may decide to gather our visitor’s information by way of this website’s total page views. This information that we collect will be used to help generate complete demographics of our visiting audience, as well as in making any revisions to the site structure or content to streamline our site visitors’ experiences. In order for us to continue these site revisions and improvements, we have to analyze all traffic that utilizes our site, as well as the sources of said traffic. If you search for our site using keywords, we might analyze those keywords. This kind of analysis will enable us to continuously revise the website in order to improve its overall usefulness for our visitors.

Any and all information that is voluntarily provided to us on this website may be implicitly used to continue enhancements the site for its users. These enhancements may include building or revising interactive and/or personalized portions of the website, revising and/or adding additional content to the website in order to best suit the demographics of our visitors, or otherwise ensuring that any and all information on the website is secured. Furthermore, on occasion we may send electronic newsletters to website visitors who volunteered to receive them. These newsletters may be delivered through email, and may be spent whenever we believe we have a specific deal or event that our users might be interested in. Whenever we decide to send these electronic newsletters through email, we may also elect to utilize a third party service to handle the electronic distribution.

We may also decide to use the information that is discussed in this privacy policy to further customize the content of this website in order to make it more useful and relevant to our visitors, as well as to increase our understanding of our visitor demographics. On occasion, the overall security of this information located on our site, as well as the security of our privacy policy, will be thoroughly reviewed and revised as necessary. Any information that is given to us by those who are visiting this website will only be available to those authorized personnel that hold the required security access. At any time, you may willingly choose to “opt out” from receiving any information from us. You will also be able to completely utilize this site without ever providing any of your personal information.