Very few places blend both a restaurant and a sports bar so seamlessly, but Alamo Cafe manages that nicely. It’s a Tex-Mex restaurant that serves a full menu. It’s also like a sports bar, where patrons can come to get a good drink and watch the latest game.

Alamo Cafe has a full waitstaff and kitchen, able to take orders and make food on the fly. The drink menu is what you’d expect of a sports bar, with plenty of beers on tap. However, since it is also a restaurant, the food menu is much more expansive than a normal pub or bar. The seating is restaurant style, with booths and tables.

The service here is very attentive, coming up to keep your glasses full and make sure your food keeps coming as you watch the game on one of their many large screen televisions. They have all the latest games on, and when it’s professional season, such as football or baseball, you can bet the latest game is playing.