With plenty of Texan and Southern specialities to choose from, Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the River Walk is both a delicious and a beautiful dining experience. Whether you want seafood or meat, grits or veggies, this fine establishment has something for everyone.

Succulent Seafood

The seafood at Boudro’s is some of the best in San Antonio, and if you like fish, this restaurant is a must-try. The Yellowfin Tuna, priced at $28, is some of the most mouthwatering fish in Texas, and when accompanied by smashed potato cakes and citrus tomato fennel chutney, is a dish worthy of making you an instant fan of this restaurant. Other amazing seafood choices are the shrimp and grits, which are very southern, and completed with bacon and chorizo; the house smoked jumbo shrimp and gulf crab enchiladas with black beans and rice pilaf (a huge hit!); and the gulf shellfish platter, with chimichurri scallops, blue crab sea cakes, grilled shrimp, lobster tail, fried oysters, and a crawfish pot pie served with jalapeño corn putting. Can you say “yum?”

A Steakhouse, too

In addition to serving up some great seafood, Boudro’s also specializes in steak. The blacked prime rib is one of the restaurant’s specialities, and is $34 with potatoes and vegetables. The black angus rib eye, Texas filet of sirloin, and achiote spiced double rib lamb chops are all amazing, as well. If you like meat but prefer to stay away from steak, the menu also features quail, duck, and chicken breast. All entree items are between $22 and $42.

Friendly Fine Dining

Despite the fine dining food and prices of this restaurant, your kids are welcome to join your for your meal along the river. In fact, there’s even a kids’ menu here. Little ones can choose between grilled gulf fish with fries and coleslaw, ranch-grilled chicken with cheddar cheese, fries, and veggies, and coconut shrimp with coleslaw and orange horseradish sauce. Heck, even the kids’ options are artful! You’re chitlins will gobble up every last bite.

A Place for Wine

Boudro’s is the perfect location to have a glass of fine wine. Not only do they have an eclectic wine list and a staff that will help you to pair your wine to your meal, but the atmosphere itself is also very conducive to wine drinking. What I mean is thus: when you’re sitting outside in a beautiful area, a slight breeze in your hair, the river gorgeous below, and a hearty meal in front of you, nothing sounds more perfect than a glass of vino. Wine can be ordered by the bottle or by the glass. If you don’t like wine, the restaurant offers a full bar with with plenty of other drink options, including some adult after-dinner drinks. These, like the Nutty Cappuccino with Bailey’s, Frangelico, Tuaca, and chocolate go perfectly with one of the restaurants delicious desserts. Try the double chocolate brownie, the warm and fresh berry cobbler, or the toasted nut brittle ice cream. Trust us, they’re fantastic!

One final thing: if you order the guacamole to start, it’s made table-side, and it’s dang good!