Preparing New Orleans style food that’s a little fancier than you might be used to, but in an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it relaxing, Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen is a one of a kind establishment.

A Reason to Go: Oysters Galore

Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen is famous for its oysters, which can be ordered raw and on the half shell for a half dozen ($6.99) or a dozen ($11.99). If you prefer cooked oysters, try the Oysters Armon, which are baked with spinach, bacon, pecans, and cheese; the Oysters Edward, baked with crab meat, cheese, and beurre blanc sauce; the Oysters Lafayette, baked with parmesan cheese; or the Oyster Trio, which has two of each of the above for $12.99.

Can You Say “Cajun?”

Cajun food is famous to the south, and Bourbon Street has created a menu that’s exemplifies what good cajun food is. The Crawfish Étouffée is five-star dish, the Creole Bouillabaisse is mouthwatering and perfectly seasoned, the Seafood Jambalaya will have you raving about it for days, and the Blackened Catfish will change your opinions about this whiskered sea creature.

Seafood Kitchen with Steak Options

You don’t have to love seafood to go here, because there are plenty of options in the form of steak, chicken, chops, and pasta, too. Try the Pecan Crusted Chicken with roasted pepper sauce, the rib eye with a peppercorn glaze, the French cut pork chops with apple demi glaze, or one of the amazing pasta options. Favorite pastas are the Creole Pasta with sausage, chicken, bell peppers, and caramelized onion over penne with marinara; and the seafood pasta with shrimp, crawfish, tomatoes, and saffron over linguini.

Get Your Filling of Fried Food

If you’ve been craving fried food, Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen has all of the best fried foods to satisfy your hankering. The fried shrimp, fried alligator (which reportedly tastes like chicken), fried stuffed crab, calamari, fried oysters, fried catfish, are all great. If you want to sample a little bit of everything, order the fried seafood platter for $18.99.

A Romantic Evening in San Antonio

If you’ve been looking for a restaurant that can provide you with a little romance without breaking the bank or being too fancy, Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen is perfect. The prices, while a little more expensive than most restaurants, aren’t outrageous; the food is really good and classy enough for date night; the wine list is extensive and there’s a full bar for cocktails or other alcohol beverages; and there’s outdoor seating. Plus, the dessert is very good, and the chocolate mousse and creme brûlée are perfect for sharing.

Your New Lunch Locale

If you’re not able to make it here for dinner but are more of a lunch type of guy or gal, you’ll love the lunch options. Cheaper than dinner but just as satisfying, the spinach seafood salad is a great choice, the parmesan shrimp pasta is incredibly filling, the blackened tilapia is is the perfect portion size, and the spinach crepes are a delicious and indulgent lunch option.