Cascabel Mexican Patio is a tiny establishment in San Antonio that, due to its hole-in-the-wall appearance, often goes unnoticed. While the restaurant may be small–too small to have a website, even–the food is amazing, and those who eat here rate it as one of the top Mexican restaurants in Texas. If you’re in the mood for some good grub, look no further than this gem of a place.

Don’t Go for Dinner

The “don’t go for dinner” isn’t a command based on the quality of food during dinner hours, but the fact that the restaurant closes at 4 PM, so if you head in here in the evening hours, you’ll be disappointed to find that they’re not serving. Instead of dinner, try the restaurant for a late breakfast (they open at 10 AM), or an amazing lunch.

Authentic Mexican Cooking

The food here is authentic, and tastes as though it’s been prepared in the country of Mexico itself. You won’t find the typical Tex-Mex style here that’s characteristic of the south; instead, every dish is homemade, fresh, and totally traditional.

Best Menu Items

There are some truly amazing food options here, and when you go, starting your meal off with a bowl of the soup is a must. Next, the quesadillas are to die for, and the squash blossom quesadilla and mushroom quesadilla are two popular favorites. Also, the mole is raved about, and is reported to be the best that’s north of the border. It’s smooth, it’s chocolate-y, it has a little bit of a kick of spice, and it is the number one must-order item here.

Cute Outdoor Patio

If you like dining outdoors, Cascabel has one of the cutest and quaintest little patios in all of San Antonio. The patio has circular picnic tables with big bamboo-style umbrellas, very reminiscent of what you’d find in Mexico. While the space isn’t huge by any means, it’s perfect for a couple of friends, or a couple out on a date. Additionally, the patio is big enough to accompany a large group, as long as you call in advance so that there’s room!

Parking & Prices

Parking can be a little difficult to find here, so don’t fret if it takes you a minute to find a space. Once you find one, you’ll be delighted by the food. Equally as wonderful as the food are the prices, which are low for San Antonio. For example, enchiladas verdes are priced at $7.50, and the mole enchiladas are $8.95. With nearly everything kept under $10, this is an affordable way to feed yourself or your family.

No Liquor License

While the restaurant doesn’t serve any alcohol, you are welcome to bring in your own adult beverage of choice. As such, before you head here, head to the liquor store to pick up some beer or wine, and enjoy your delicious food accompanied by your cerveza of choice.