For amazing brunch, delicious wine, great brewery selections, and an incredibly dinner and dining experience, the new Feast–opened in 2011–in San Antonio is a foodie’s dream come true.

Seasonal & Eclectic Menu

One of the things that we love about Feast is their menu, which is designed in a very unique way with options for everyone. Menu choices are categorized as follows: Oceanic, Heat, Chilled, Grilled, Crispy, and Hearty, and each category has some amazing choices. Our favorites from each are– the ahi tuna tartar, the roasted kabocha squash, the pernod quick-cured salmon, the heritage pork belly, the grilled lamb belly, the duck breast tostadas, and the rib eye burgers (although the jack mac and cheese is a close second in the Hearty section). Everything is served tapas style, with the intention of ordering many plates and sharing with the table.

Because the menu is seasonal though, and based on what’s available locally, don’t expect each menu item listed above to be there every time you go. The restaurant strives to provide what’s fresh, and if certain things aren’t listed, something equally as delicious will be there to replace it.

Best Brunch in San Antonio

There are quite a few brunch restaurants in San Antonio, but the one at Feast definitely stands out as one of the best. Like dinner, the brunch choices are organized into categories: Libations, Sweet Tooth, Early Risers, Late Risers, and Compliments. These creative titles are nothing compared to the creative dishes, such as the almond pistachio French toast;the Eggs in Hell (three eggs with polenta, spicy tomato sauce, and grilled bread); the grilled rib eye with fried eggs, bacon, and potatoes; or the Swedish sausages with raspberry jelly. Brunch is served on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

From the Vine

Feast has an amazing selection of wine to choose from, and if you consider yourself to be a wine-o, then you’ll love the options here. You can order wine by the bottle or by the glass, and they have sparkling wines, roses, whites, spicy reds, fruity reds, dry reds, and more. Prices start at $8 a glass or $28 a bottle.

5 Unique Cocktails

Keeping in line with the restaurant’s menu themes, there are only five cocktail options that are available, and they’re all classified as “Royal.” Try the King, the Queen, the Prince, the Princess, or the Jester. The Prince is  a unique favorite that features gin, tonic, sweet peppers, cilantro, and Serrano.

New American Dining Experience

It’s not just the food that’s new American at Feast. Rather, it’s the entire establishment. The dining space is very modern and updated, the patio features clean-cut surfaces and lines to create a very twenty-first century feeling, and the staff is friendly and kind but not overly attentive. Those who should visit this restaurant are those who appreciate fine food and taste, those looking to have an unique dining experience, or those who want a romantic evening together. Prices are reasonable, and the restaurant itself is very enjoyable.