Guillermo’s is an Italian restaurant in San Antonio that has done away with all the pretentiousness of a high-class dining experience. Rather, at Guillermo’s, you’ll get to indulge in some of the most delicious and comforting Italian food, all while relaxing in a laid-back and casual environment.

Hearty Italian Options

Guillermo’s serves up real hearty Italian food that’s carb-heavy and exactly what you need after a long day. Their speciality pastas are delicious, and the classic meatball marinara is to die for. We also love the shrimp and bell pepper lasagna, and people go crazy over the chicken parmigiana. If you like heavy food, this is where it’s at. Of course, make sure you pair one of these big meals with a glass of Italian wine. There’s also beer to choose from if you prefer.

Great Sandwich Selection

In addition to all the pastas, you’ll find some spectacular sandwich selections for both lunch and dinner here. Dine in or order a sandwich to go, and you’ll be full for hours. Favorite sandwiches are the King Guillermo with grilled fajita steak, chorizo, mushrooms, onions, bacon bits, and jalapeƱos for $11.99; the basic Italian ham and pepperoni with mayo, lettuce, tomato, provolone, and Italian dressing for $9.99; and the meatball provolone with feta cheese with all the basic dressings, and served on focaccia bread for $9.99. The latter two sandwiches are served with spinach and bow tie pasta salad, mixed green salad, or a caesar salad.

For Salad Lovers

This is also a vegetarians Italian restaurant of choice as there are a ton of vegetarian-friendly options, as well as a bunch of salads (both with and without meat). Try the mango spinach and garlic salad topped with pineapple, cranberries, pepperoni, almonds, tomatoes, red onion, olive, feta cheese, and creamy house dressing. Or, the chicken and avocado mango spinach and pasta salad is a similar version plus pasta, chicken, and avocado. If you like tuna, the tuna de gallo salad with seared tuna, pico de gallo, and mixed greens is delicious, healthy, and very filling.

Great for the Whole Family

Eating Italian food is meant to be a family experience, and the kids’ menu at Guillermo’s is right on with what the little ones will love. Kids can order waffle nuggets, chicken alfredo, a cheese quesadilla, spaghetti with meatballs, a mini pizza, a chicken bowl, and more. All kids’ menu items are $6.99, making for a pretty affordable way to feed your family.

Catering and Partying

If you need a place to host a party, or if you’re looking for some great food to serve at your next lunch or event, Guillermo’s is the best place for partying and catering alike. The staff will work with you to create a menu that’s perfect for your needs, and the prices are pretty affordable. Plus, since Guillermo’s is so delicious, everyone will love the food.

Dog Friendly Patio

The final reason to love this restaurant is the cute patio that also happens to be dog-friendly. If you need a place for a good glass of wine paired with delicious pasta, all while Fido sits at your feet, check out Guillermo’s.