The Hemisfair Park in San Antonio is historical, beautiful, and peaceful. With plenty of things to do for adults and children alike, this is a park that’s perfect for family-friendly activities, or a romantic picnic on the grass.

The History of Hemisfair

Just as interesting as the park itself is its history, which dates back to the World Fair of 1968. When the World Fair was to be hosted in San Antonio, the Hemisfair was built as the place to hold it. As such, there are several historic building in the area, and a landscape that’s impressive and dramatic.

Things to See in Hemisfair Park

If you’re taking a trip to Hemisfair, don’t miss out on some of the historical attractions throughout the area. The Tower of the Americas is one of the most favorite attractions in the park, not to mention the tallest. This 750 foot tower provides breathtaking views of the area, and is a favorite spot for proposals. The tower also has a restaurant, as well as a ride.

Other things on park grounds are the Institute of Texan Culture as well as the Instituto Cultural Mexicano. Also make sure to check out the beautiful waterfalls within the park.

Kids Will Love it Here

If you’re a a mom, dad, babysitter, or caregiver for the day, you know that finding great activities for kids that keep both them and you entertained can be challenging. But at Hemisfair, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the kids will have a great time. The awesome playground here is built like a fortress, and will provide hours’ worths of entertainment. Pack a snack bag and some sunscreen, and your day is all set. There’s also a children’s Magik theatre, which will have the little ones “oohing” and “aahing” with wonder and surprise.

Walk, Run, Explore

With lots of trails and pathways throughout the park, this is an exercise addicts destination of choice for a great run, and easy jog, or a gorgeous stroll through nature. Of course, the park is also dog friendly, so if Fido needs a place to stretch his legs, this is the perfect place for both you and him.

Well Kept Facilities Make it Better

We hate to put it so bluntly, but one of the greatest things about this park are the free public bathrooms that are kept clean and well stocked with toilet paper. In addition to the bathrooms, the grounds themselves are all beautifully maintained, and you won’t find graffiti or trash polluting the area. With everything in check, enjoying yourself and relaxing is that much easier. Check out the beautiful colors here during the fall, delight yourself in the colors of spring, cool down in the shade during summer, and go for a brisk walk to warm you up and get some exercise in the winter.