Koi Kawa is one of the most popular places for sushi in San Antonio, and is a favorite location for date night, a light bite to eat with a glass of wine, or a fun place for the whole group.

Great Sushi in San Antonio

Good sushi can be hard to find in this city, but Koi Kawa holds its own as one of the best sushi restaurants in San Antonio, able to compete with some of the more famous restaurants across the state. The ingredients used are always very fresh, greatly contributing to the high quality of this place. Plus, the sushi options range from some of the most traditional sashimi and sushi rolls to some more creative options for the adventurous palate.

Good Service Will Keep You Coming Back

Unfortunately, sushi restaurants have earned the reputation of having horrible service– the food is slow to come out, the staff forgets to check on your drink, and there’s no way that they’re taking any special requests. At Koi Kawa Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, though, this stereotype has been debunked by the kindest group of waiters and waitresses you’ll ever meet. Not only is the waitstaff great, but the chef is also very friendly, and always eager to chat or answer any questions you have.

Great Prices = Instant Happiness

For sushi, this place is certainly on the cheap end, with the majority of rolls priced at a mere $5. Speciality rolls will cost a little bit more, but are typically all under $10. Nigiri sushi is around $3 to $4, which is a fantastic deal. If you’re skipping sushi and doing an entree instead, expect to pay between $8 and $12.

Must Try Items

Some things that you should definitely order here are:

  • the fried oysters as an appetizer –these have a tempura crunch that is absolutely divine, as well as a great spicy mustard for dipping
  • the udon noodle soup –which has eggs, noodles, tempura shrimp, green onions, and mushrooms
  • fried gyoza dumplings –perfectly cooked to a golden color, and filled with perfectly seasoned pork
  • the avocado cup with spicy tuna — which is a half avocado topped with raw pieces of spicy tuna
  • the Sara roll –which is deep fried, and covered in delicious spicy mayo.

Everything is really good here, so don’t hesitate to explore the menu.

Don’t Be Scared to Try New Things

An odd thing about this restaurant is that a lot of sushi options on their menu are offered without descriptions, and often times the waitstaff won’t even know what’s in them off the top of their heads. Rather than shying away from the unfamiliar, why not order it? Everything here is pretty dang delicious, and you might end up loving what you order. If you’re not sure, ask for recommendations, and you’re sure to get something great brought to your table.

Final thing to note is that the restaurant has a full bar, and a fairly decent wine selection for a sushi restaurant, although wine is a bit pricy, ranging around $7 a glass.