If you love Broadway and musicals, there’s no better place to go for both in San Antonio that the Majestic Theatre. With shows ranging from live music performances to actual musicals, the The Majestic Theatre has entertaining options for everyone throughout the entirety of the year. Whether you’ve been hoping to get in a great show this season, are looking for a great date idea, or want to surprise someone with tickets to a known favorite, here’s why you should consider the Majestic Theatre as your destination of choice for the arts in San Antonio–

Amazing Range of Entertainment

One thing that people really love about the Majestic Theatre is that it doesn’t just cater to one type of audience; rather, the Majestic is home to so many different types of entertainers, that people from all different walks of life appreciate the unique shows that go on here. For example, in 2014 – 2015, expect to see Gospel!, Martina McBride, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, So You Think You Can Dance, Phillip Phillips, Adam Carolla, Symphony: StarTrck into the Darkness, ZZ Top, Dirty Dancing, Willie Nelson, The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, Disney’s The Lion King, the Blue Man Group, and more at the Majestic. With such a wide range of entertainment, you’ll be loving the theatre all year long.

The Beauty of It

Another reason that people rave about the Majestic is based on the pure beauty of this theatre. Really, most of the people who go here claim that’s it’s the most gorgeous theatre they’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. With a ceiling that’s painted to look like the night sky, and design to make you feel as though you’re in a Spanish courtyard, a trip here will transport you into a different world and time.

Ticket Sales and Need-to-Know Info

Ticket prices vary depending upon the show. But, to give you an idea of prices, tickets for Beauty and the Beast are currently priced ranging from $53.95 to $100.00, depending upon where in the theatre you’re sitting. Tickets to the Beach Boys, on the other hand, are priced a little differently, with tickets starting at $58 and ranging to $80. To get a better idea of ticket prices for the specific show you’re interested in, it’s best to visit the Majestic’s website.

There are also some important rules that you should know about the Majestic. First of all, children are welcome, but they¬†must¬†have a ticket. Yes, even infants. If your infant doesn’t have a ticket, you will not be admitted into the theatre. Additionally, no cameras are allowed, so don’t try to sneak one in–they will notice. Also, you’ll most likely have to pay for parking. The cost is $10, and the lot is on East Houston Street near the Riverwalk.

If you can stomach the ticket prices, the baby ticket and camera rule, and having to pay for parking, then buy a ticket today. The experience is totally worth it, and will definitely wow you with talent and overall awesomeness.