If you’re one of the thousands of Americans who is constantly on the hunt for food that is as nutritious as it is delicious, then you’re going to love the far at┬áPapouli’s Greek Grill. Here, there are options for every diet restriction–meat free, animal-product free, gluten-free, etc.–everything’s prepared fresh and natural, and everything tastes fantastic!

The Must-Have Meze Sampler

To start your meal off right, you should convince your eating companions that the meze sampler is a must have for the table. This sampler has dolmas, puff pastries, falafel, feta, kalamata olives, and a spread of your choice (baba ghannouj, hummus, basil feta, tzatziki, etc.). It’s served with warm pita, and is really superb. Missing this appetizer would be a shame. A half is priced at $8.99 (good for one-two), and a full order is $14.99.

Go for the Build-Your-Plate

The build your plate option is a pretty cool thing about this restaurant, and is perfect for those who are picky, or just know exactly what they want. There are three steps in the build-your-plate process. First, you choose your protein or your veggie of choice. You can choose between kabobs (chicken, leg of lamb, grilled shrimp, steak, or grilled veggies), or gyro, falafel, or fried fish. Then, you pick your pita. Pita options are whole wheat or white. Then, you choose a GreekTown side. Side options are fries, pita chips, couscous, fresh fruit medley, salad, pasta salad, apples & baby carrots, orzo, feta cheese, falafel, or a seasonal side. And, the plate is also served with a side Greek salad. All that food, and the cost is only $9.95 for “the Zeus” sized version, but can also be order in medium and petite sizes for less expensive.

Amazing Pitas and Burgers

The lamb and feta burger at Papouli’s Greek Grill is one of the best burgers in town, and will blow your mind with how perfect it is. The American gourmet burger is also quite fantastic, although much more American than Greek. If you like seafood, the Fisherman’s Pita Sandwich has hand-breaded, lightly fried tilapia, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, house made sauce, and your choice of side for only $6.99, which is quite the steal. There are also some great homemade dishes on the menu, and the Moussaka is highly, highly recommend. Moussaka is a casserole dish that’s made from eggplant, ground beef, and white cream sauce, and is kind of like lasagna, but better. The flame grilled salmon fillet is also tops.

Great for Catering and Take Out

If you have an event that requires catering, or if you’re in a rush and need delicious and quick takeout, this is the place. They’re pros at putting food together for a group, and will work with you to make sure you get just what you’re looking for. Want to eat in? There’s plenty of space for everyone, kids included. There’s also an outdoor seating area that you’re welcome to enjoy when the weather is pleasant.