Pho Ha Long Vietnamese Noodle Shop is one of the neatest places in all of Texas for pho and noodles. The food is amazing–definitely a five star approval rating from the majority of patrons–and the prices are just as appealing. If you love Vietnamese food, this is the place in San Antonio to chow down.

Another Bubble Tea, Please

If you love bubble tea, or if you’ve never had it but are curious about what this strange concoction could possibly be, Pho Ha Long is a good place to go for it. To clarify, bubble tea is a cold drink that’s made from iced tea, sweetened with condensed milk (or something similar to that), and has a bunch of black tapioca balls at the bottom. The tapioca balls are sweet, and most people either love or hate ’em. If you love ’em, you’ll go nuts for the bubble tea here.

More Than Pho at Pho Ha Long

While this place specializes in pho, there are a lot of other incredible menu options that available, too. Try the seafood stir-fried noodles, the beef stew with noodles and French bread, the rock-n-roll beef with fried rice, or the spicy beef and pork noodle shrimp. The restaurant also has a charcoal grill which turns out some great grilled pork chops! They of course also have traditional Vietnamese vermicelli noodles on the menu, fried egg rolls, grilled shrimp, spring rolls, imperial rolls, and more.

What You Need to Know About the Pho

The main reason to go to this restaurant is for the pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup that’s typically made from beef stock or chicken broth, and has noodles, spices, and thinly sliced meat. Pho can range from spicy to mild, and is a hugely popular dish. At Pho Ha Long, the pho is always hot, the noodles are the perfect consistency, the broth is always really flavorful, and the ingredients are always fresh and hearty. Some favorite pho dishes here are the pho with rib eye, the pho with well-done brisket and well-done flank, and the pho noodle soup with meatballs. All of the pho options here are pretty incredible though!

The Best Part: The Prices

The best part about this restaurant are the prices! Everything’s under $10, a kids’ pho is $5, and for $15, you can get a pho, an appetizer, and a bubble tea! They also have some great Vietnamese desserts, like red bean pudding and grass jelly and tapioca, which are also very reasonably priced. There’re open 7 days a week form 10 AM to 9 PM, so if you have a pho craving, you know where to go!

A small note: this place doesn’t have much to offer in terms of ambiance, and some people have complained about cleanliness. Other though, rave about the food regardless, and say that the place is absolutely perfect. To judge for yourself, you might as well just try it!