Ready For Fun? Come Paint a Masterpiece.

Are you itching to get out but tired of the same old things?  Maybe you need some quality time with your inner artist …at Pinot’s Palette!

It’s relaxing way to be creative without spending a fortune at the crafts store.  They provide everything you need for one price.  And you you can bring your own snacks and beverages …even the adult kind.

Fun With Friends or Make New Friends.

Come by yourself to any open session, and make some new friends. You will find the crowd to be very supportive. This author found people were even happier to share their wine and than their painting advice.

Or you can schedule a private group and celebrate a special occasion. Painting parties are great for date night, girl’s night out, bridal showers, and birthday parties. Some groups just celebrate that they can celebrate!

The No Mess Party That Even The Host Can Enjoy.

Are you tired of parties that leave you exhausted?  Would you prefer to enjoy your guests?  Well the great thing we found about a painting party was that there is very little work involved.  Pinot’s Palette provides everything but your snacks, and if you really want it easy you can order pizza.  When it’s over you simply walk away smiling.  Someone else cleans up the mess.  Come in something casual that can handle a spot or two of stray paint. Aprons are also provided for everyone.

Bring food, order pizza, light up a birthday cake…you get the idea. Wine, beer, or liquor are all welcome at Pinot’s Palette. A wine cooler and stemware are provided.

And when you’re done leave with a smile knowing that someone other than you is loading all that stemware in the dishwasher.

Private Party Room Available –

Do you like your privacy? If your group is over 10 people you can reserve the private party room. Get a little louder. Tell private jokes. Who knows maybe you can even paint a nude?

But What if I Can’t Paint?

So you’re as far from being Pablo Picasso as you are from being Pablo Escobar?

No worries. Every artist-facilitator at Pinot’s Palette in Alamo Heights is a degreed art professional. Many of them also teach art at local schools.

The artists at Pinot’s Palette choose paintings for you to recreate that are easy to complete for beginning painters … like impressionist pieces that don’t require lots of detail.

The artist will guide you step-by-step.  And they help you stay on track to completing your art by the end of class. Most first time painters are proud enough of their finished piece to frame, and hang it in their home.

Little People Welcome.

Have your kids outgrown bounce house parties?  Want a party where they learn something new while they are having fun? Kid parties are a blast in the private room at Pinot’s Palette. The rates start at only $25 per child.  And who knows…you may uncover some hidden talent.

The minimum age for birthday parties is 6, and the minimum group size is 10.

Bring a cake. Have a blast. Leave the mess behind.

13 to 17 years olds are also welcome in open sessions as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Mobile Parties Too!

If you have a group of 10 or more Pinot’s Palette can come to you.  Corporate events, couples showers, and children’s parties are some of the many offsite events that they have hosted. Want a real kick? Maybe make it a painting SURPRISE party!

Fun Junkie Readers Get a Deal!

Reader’s of can get a $5% discount off any class.  Just enter the coupon code “FunJunkie” on the Pinot’s Palette website.

To get the $5 discount:

  1. Follow the link to the class calendar
  2. Select a class from the class calendar
  3. In the checkout cart use the coupon code “funjunkie” to reduce the price in the shopping cart by $5