Mediterranean cuisine is some of the tastiest in the world, and features food ranging from countries including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and more. If you’ve been craving hummus, skewered meat, tzatziki sauce, or more, you’ve got to check out this great find for Greek and Middle Eastern Cuisine in San Antonio.

Wraps That Will Wow

One of the top menu items at this restaurant are all of their amazing wraps, all of which are served with a Greek salad or fries. These wraps are priced perfectly, and make for a quick lunch option if you’re in a rush. Try the Kafta Wrap–a kebab skewer wrapped in pita with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, house garlic sauce, and hummus. Opt for the chicken shawarma wrap if you love perfectly roasted and tender chicken. Or, if you want to keep it traditional, go with the Gyro wrap, which has thinly sliced roasted lamb and beef, pita, onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.

Fill Up Your Plate

If you don’t want a wrap, go for one of the plates, which feature a little more food and are equally as delicious. The vegetarian plate is a great option for non-meat eaters, and gives diners their choice of five of the following: spanikopita, Greek salad, hummus, baba ghannoush, dolmas, falafel, tabouli, shiraz salad, yogurt salad, or rice. The Pita Gourmet Fiesta Plate is a great option for for a group or those on a date, and can be order for two ($24.99), for three ($34.99), or for four ($44.99). This option is a three course differ of salad, veggies and meat, including Greek salad, hummus, baba ghannoush, dolmas, spanikopita, falafel, and gyro and chicken shawarma.

Great Space for Groups

If you have a group that needs a fun and relaxing place to eat, this is it. The space is fairly large and can accommodate a big party, and there’s an outdoor patio that’s covered that you can enjoy when the weather’s nice. If you’re coming with a group, call in advance to give a head’s up. Guaranteed, your entire party will love it here.

Not a Fast Food Restaurant

Not only is the food here way above fast food in terms of quality, but it’s also much slower too. In fact, the number one complaint from patrons here is the the food takes a long time to come out, making it impossible for a lunch break during work hours. While the food may take awhile, it’s only because they’re preparing it all from scratch, and making it fresh for eating. If you’re in a rush, save going here until the weekend, when you can take your time and really enjoy your lengthy meal.

Things to Add

If you go here, there are a few things that you should add to your meal. First, get a Turkish coffee at the conclusion of your meal. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re in for a treat. Second, order a yogurt beverage to drink along side your entree of choice–while it’s a bit unusual, this is one of the most traditional beverages in Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Georgia, and other parts of Asia/the Middle East. Also, ask for dessert at the conclusion of your meal, as they often have some very yummy treats!