Restaurant Gwendolyn is an anomaly when it comes to the San Antonio food scene, but in the best of ways. For a fine dining experience that goes above and beyond, prepare yourself from the sophistication of this establishment.

The Gwendolyn Food Concept

Restaurant Gwendolyn focuses on creating food that is made in the way that food was prepared prior to the Industrial Revolution. As such, you’ll find no food mixers, deep fryers, choppers, ice cream machines, or anything else that requires electricity to cook food at Gwendolyn.

Additionally, the restaurant focuses on using ingredients that can be purchased locally, and never will fly or ship food in from far away. Instead, all of the produce and meat you’re served comes from local farmers and ranchers, and the menu is designed to match the seasons, not the other way around. All items are made by hand and from scratch, adding to the passion and quality that defines this restaurant.

Creative Courses

The meals at this restaurant are served in three or five course options where the chef is in charge of what you’re served, eliminating the traditional menu process. You do, however, have the choice between a meat or vegetarian option. Because the menu changes frequently, it’s impossible to say what you’re going to get on a given day. However, some items that have been on the menu in the past include grilled eggplant antipasti, pan seared quail, seafood pasta, pastrami sauerkraut, seared beef, a chorizo stuffed peach, watermelon sorbet, a chocolate almond torte, coconut panna cotta, orange pain perdu, and lemon thyme ice cream. The food is considered to be American and modern European. A five course meal is priced at $75, and the three course meal is $55. Wine pairings are available at an extra cost.

The Atmosphere

If you decide to go to Restaurant Gwendolyn, you should plan on spending at least two hours, if not more, on your meal here. As such, make sure your dining partner is one you like enough to sit for long periods of time with. The atmosphere is very upscale, intimate, fancy, and romantic–making this the perfect place for an anniversary date or an intimate celebration dinner amongst love ones. It is also a good option for a fancy business meal. The outdoor patio is quaint, and the inside seating is very modern, with touches of warm and traditional decor. Parking is by valet, and the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays. A reservation is required, and for two, you’ll probably spend about $200 with wine and tip.

Food Art

The dishes here are beautiful and artistic, but not heaping or large. As such, if you have a gripe with paying a lot of money for small portions, then this restaurant isn’t for you. But, if you appreciate a fine culinary experience, and love to indulge your senses and treat your palate, then Restaurant Gwendolyn is highly recommended.