San Pedro Springs Park is said to be the second oldest park in all of the United States, and the old park in the city of San Antonio. The reason for its dated age stems from the fact that when the pioneers were settling San Antonio, they were drawn to areas of natural water sources, which San Pedro Springs Park certainly has. For a glimpse at this history park, and to enjoy all that it has to offer, this is the place to go for a day of outdoors fun.

The Free Onsite Swimming Pool

One of the major reasons that people flock to this park, especially when the temperatures outside are scorching, is the gigantic public pool. This pool spans for what feels like forever, and offers clean and natural water (fed by natural springs) for everyone’s enjoyment. Oh, and the fact that the pool is absolutely free for anyone who wants to swim also helps draw people in, and makes for a great and inexpensive activity for the whole family.

Park Revitalization Planned

Since the park is one of the oldest in the country, it’s no wonder that certain aspects of it could use a bit of a facelift. As such, construction is planned for Dec. 2014 or Jan. 2015 of the park. The construction and rebuilding phase is said to include plans for added pedestrian lighting, a walking trail among the park’s permitter, corner monuments, gateway centers,benches, and water fountains. As the project is supposed to cost nearly $2 million, chances are that the finished product will be pretty superb.

Great for Dogs, Skateboarders, and Kiddos

The San Pedro Springs Park is a haven for dogs, skateboarders, and kiddos (and their parents) who are looking for a great way to relax, practice their sport, get a good walk it, or play. Dog owners love all the twisty paths of the park (as do joggers and walkers), skateboarders love the many flat surfaces and great areas to practice skill work, and kids (and mom and dad) are huge fans of the play ground and swing set.

Just Hang Out for Day

If you have a day off and don’t have any plans, San Pedro Springs Park is a good place to just hangout and relax. There are a lot of grassy areas, so bring a book, your iPod, or a picnic and a loved one and pop a squat in nature. In fact, there are also several BBQ pits and picnic tables in the area if you want to bring something for grilling. Or, if you have a bunch of pent-up energy and are an exercise fanatic, there’s no better place than the grassy areas here to do a quick CrossFit workout, a yoga session, or just some pushups.

Finally, if you’re not walking or biking to the park, then get there early to find parking. The park parking lot fills up quickly! For added health and positive environmental impact, try cycling here instead.