Many known SoHo Wine and Martini Bar as one of the classiest and nicest wine and martini bars in town. To some, it is the only wine bar they will go to. Even though the atmosphere is laid back, the place is still very upscale. The wine and martini menu is very extensive. You can spend hours browsing it and asking about the different selections. Good thing the waitstaff is knowledgeable and able to offer answers!

The cocktail menu is pretty extensive. Even though SoHo is primarily a wine and martini bar, you can order drinks like margaritas, in almost any flavor (like mango or strawberry), or something like a Caipirinha, or a Peach Crisp. Whether they are serving you glasses of wine, unique and tasty martinis, or any of hundreds of mixed drinks, the bartenders are very creative and professional.

The only set back about SoHo is that the music isn’t really stuff you can dance to, and they play awkward, really outdated shows on the televisions there. Still, all in all, it’s one of the nicer places left to go to in downtown San Antonio. If you want to have a nice glass of wine and chat to friends, this is the place to be.