We offer a unique chance to experience Yoga with Goats. Enjoy an hour of beginners Yoga classes, led be certified instructors, in an INDOOR (no bugs or sweltering sun) class room, with baby goats! It’s everything you imagine it to be – no kidding!

10 years and up for our Goat Yoga Classes. Classes are $20 per person and last 60 minutes.

For the younger kiddos, you can schedule a Lunch Play Date with our Kids! This is a laid back, indoor picnic with the baby goats. You bring the lunch, we bring the goats. Table rentals are $20 for a hour of play time, and seat up to 6 people.

We also offer Party Packages for kids and adults of ALL ages! Great for birthdays, baby showers, graduation lunches, team building meetings, and scout trips!

Texas Hill Country Goats and Yoga is a part of Nuluv Goat Milk Products, LLC. Nuluv is a Dairy Goat Farm, outside of Comfort, TX. We are a 100% Hands-On Operation, which means we don’t use any machines on our animals. We milk the girls twice daily, by hand, and make all of our wonderful skin care products on our farm. Because we are a Hands-On operation, the kids are hand raised and handled daily, which makes them very social and comfortable playing with people.