Craving sushi? Craving Thai food? No problem–date night just got a whole lot simpler with the introduction of this amazing restaurant that serves both traditional Thai food and delectable sushi rolls. If you’re in love with both, check out this bistro to kill two birds with one stone.

Mom & Pop Shop Quality

Mom and Pop shops are the best–they serve the most delicious food, always make everything in house, are skilled when it comes to providing great service, and always price their dishes just right. For all of that and more, Thai Bistro and Sushi is exactly what a mom and pop shop should be. The portions are big, and the quality of the food is very high.

Request the Chili Paste

If you love your Thai food hot, there are lot of great options for you at this restaurant. You can have any dish prepared mild spicy, medium spicy, very spicy, or extremely spicy, and some things that are great as hot as can be are the Green Curry with meat, coconut milk, green curry, eggplants, peas, red and green bell peppers, and basil; the Tom Yam hot and sour soup with your choice of meat, mushrooms, lemongrass, chili, and cilantro; and the meat with peanut sauce stir-fry with jasmine rice and assorted veggies. However, even if you choose the hottest flavoring possible, we recommend asking for a side of the chili paste if you really want your eyes to water.

Super Sushi

While this is a Thai restaurant rather than a Japanese one, the sushi is amazing, and you’ll fall in love with the raw fish options here. If it’s date night, try the Sushi Deluxe for Two with 12 pieces of sushi, a California roll, and a spicy tuna roll all for $32.95. The Scorpion roll, Spider roll, Chef roll, San Antonio roll, and Dynamite roll are also some popular favorites that shouldn’t be missed. The sushi menu also includes some traditional Japanese dishes, such as miso soup, edamame, squid and seaweed salad, and grilled hamachi jaw.

The Place for Takeout

If you’re craving good food and love the idea of eating at home with your honey or lounging around with friends and a beer, this is the place to go for takeout. They always get the order right, the food is always hot, everything is freshly made and packed perfectly, and it’s quite affordable.

Menu Must-Trys

If you love Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Garlic Chicken, Curry, or Pho, order these things here, as they’re some of the most popular and stand-out menu items. The spring rolls are also amazing, and all of the sushi is fresh.

More than a Restaurant

This isn’t just a place where you go in, order your food, eat your meal, and go home. Rather, it’s a place for fun and families, and the restaurant goes out of their way to make sure that everyone has a good time. For example, you can let loose on Fridays for Karaoke Night, or watch the big game on one of the restaurant’s big screens.