Perfect Outdoor Activity, Year Round

In a city where sunshine and warmth can be hard to come by, it’s a beautiful thing to have the nearly 13-acre Mission Dolores Park, open year round, and located in the famously warmer microclimate of Mission.While the park can become chilly at times in the winter, for the majority of the year, the park is pleasant and temperatures are fairly mild.

Keeping Yourself Busy 

Dolores Park is, of course, like all parks, a place to stroll, people watch, picnic, read, exercise, play with the kids or dog, or even nap–options that are both fun and relaxing.  There are courts to play tennis and basketball, soccer fields, a dog park, and there are often organized events going on, like movies or yoga.

If you’re a parent or babysitter looking for way to entertain children, Dolores Park has a fantastic children’s playground that’s open throughout the entirety of the year. With everything ranging from slides to swings, kids are sure to love this fun play area.

Refueling After Moving

If you’ve spent a long day walking, jogging, or playing in the park, you’re likely to be hungry afterwards. If you’re starving, no problem–the park is conveniently located near several local favorite eateries, including Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop, Tartine Bakery, and Dolores Café. Grab yourself a sweet treat at the bakery, or stop in for a warm cappuccino if the weather’s getting a little chilly out at the Dolores Cafe.

A Park Full of Culture

The history, variety of people, and cultural experience to be had at the park is something special too.  Since history is continuously being made in this vibrant part of the city, there will always be something for you to explore. In addition to all the different peoples and cultures that you’re sure to see in this park, make sure you also check out San Francisco Parks’ website on events and ongoings that happen in parks throughout the city. For example, Dolores Park has film nights in June, the San Francisco Mime Troupe performances in July, and even things such as Dolores Park volunteer cleanup dates, for those who are hoping to have a positive impact on their community through volunteering.

If you’ve been looking for a fun place to read a book under a tree, grab a cup of coffee in a relaxing environment, go for a bike ride, or rollerblade with your family, Dolores Park is great for everyone.