The sport of kiteboarding is a full mind and body challenge and the San Francisco Bay is a prime location for it. Kite 415 is a kiteboarding school in the area that is reputed for experienced and personable instructors. They have created 3.5 and 6 hour lesson packages for beginners that all end in an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification, allowing you to move up within the school, and enabling you to transfer your newly learned skills to another environment. 

Beginner lessons are broken down into a land lesson, where you learn the physics behind kiteboarding, and a water lesson, where you take what you’ve learned to the water, accompanied by an instructor on jet ski who guides you through it all via a transmitter and your radio helmet.

In addition to the certification, all lesson packages include gear, and videos and photos of the lesson. Lessons for intermediate and advanced students are available as well.