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Romantic Restaurants Houston

La Fisheria

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4705 Inker St Houston, TX 77007

Opened by one of the most famous chefs in Latin America, Aquiles Chavez, La Fisheria in the Heights is one of Houston’s newer restaurants. The chef, who has three TV shows, made the permanent move to Houston with hisRead more

Rainbow Lodge

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2011 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77008, USA

The Rainbow Lodge is a rustic establishment that makes guests to the restaurant feel as though they’re dining in a cottage in the woods. Set on an acre of property, this large cabin is perfect for private parties andRead more

Ciao Bello

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5161 San Felipe St #302, Houston, TX 77056, USA

As said best by the owner Tony Vallone, in order for “Italian food to be authentic, it needs to be creative.” While diners to this restaurant will find the traditional pizzas and pastas so often associated with Italian cooking,Read more

Kris Bistro and Wine Lounge

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7070 Allensby St, Houston, TX 77022, USA

If you love eating local, then you’ll love everything about Kris Bistro and Wine Lounge. Not only are they a local restaurant that uses local products in their dishes, but they also operate as a training center for localRead more


0 Review

2040 W Gray St Houston, TX 77019

While Latin American food often get’s wrapped up in the same category as Mexican food, it’s entirely different despite sharing a few key ingredients. Native to the Americas are the fruits and vegetables such as guava, avocados, peppers, corn,Read more

The Original Ninfa’s

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2704 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003, USA

Houston is full of Mexican restaurants, although some are better than others. For a Mexican restaurant that claims to be the creator of the original fajita, The Orginal Ninfa’s on Navigation is, as their slogan goes, “where it allRead more


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