Looking for a true dance club in Austin? Barcelona’s basement nightclub, known to some as the “bass cave,” truly packs the bass, the heat, and the people. Nights at Barcelona are so hype that sometimes it’s impossible to traverse the dance floor to get anywhere else, like the bathroom! Oh well, once you are on the dance floor you won’t want to leave to go to the bathroom anyway.

The bar area is distinct from the dance floor though, lucky for you, and the cheap drinks that can be found there are always a plus. No matter what, at Barcelona you are going to get acquainted with some of the most energetic DJs in town, and they all serve the purpose of insisting on your dancing pleasure by playing a variety of music – techno, pop, dubstep, and more – that is undeniably fresh and danceable.

In addition to the music Barcelona has recently received attention as “one of Austin’s best places to make out with a stranger.” This fact might make it a little bit intimidating, so if you are looking for a first-time experience at Barcelona, try Mad Classy Sundays, where you will find the Mad Classy DJ team, and cheap shots and beer.