The owners of Barfly’s have created their own little Austin empire with several neighborhood bars in town that are consistently friendly, affordable, and unpretentious. And these bars were all inspired by Barfly’s, the classic place to wind down an evening.

Barfly’s has been serving Austin in its slightly off-the-beaten-path spot on Airport Blvd for over a decade now. And though its location is slightly obscure, it’s still very centrally-located and on two bus routes.

The slogan is, “Our beers are cheap so you don’t have to be,” which means that you can spend your extra dollars playing pool or selecting awesome songs from the jukebox. If you’re downstairs on the patio, just keep your money in your pocket. Guaranteed: Barfly’s will, by evening’s end be occupied by some pretty friendly people, and it might just be the perfect way to end the night.