With a name like B.B. Rover’s, how could this place not be dog friendly. And although the real greatness of this gem of North Austin is it’s quaint atmosphere and good food, whether it be for you or your furry friend, there is something to enjoy. There is nothing fancy or corporate about B.B. Rover’s Cafe, it’s just the kind of place you’d see on a cable TV show. You know the kind, where everyone knows who you are, you are there everyday, every one always has the same exact table.

Seriously, the beer selection at B.B. Rover’s is absolutely no joke. You will be completely overwhelmed by your options! Even if you aren’t much of a beer drinker, and prefer the wine or soft drinks, you won’t have an easy time making up your mind. And the food is what you’d expect. Tasty, quick, and affordable.

B.B Rover’s has plenty of inside and outdoor seating. There are dart boards and a pool table in the backroom. There is plenty of car parking, and again the prices across the board are very affordable. If you are looking for a good ol’ cafe or pub to eat or have a drink, B.B Rover’s is your place.