Indian Food Paradise in Austin

You will taste, and delight in dishes from all over the Indian subcontinent at Bombay Bistro. You will find a totally reasonable buffet price and so many choices that you may not even scratch the surface on a first visit. From masala dishes to soups to tandoori chicken and meats of all kinds, you’ll have to come back more than once or twice to experience everything they have to offer.

A Buffet with High Standards

It’s not often that one of the top praises for an affordable buffet is the freshness of the food. Everything you eat at Bombay Bistro has an authentic appeal that originates in the kitchen and lingers in your memory after your visit there. The atmosphere is atypical of a buffet, providing the elegant dishware, lighting, and decor that produces a most pleasant eating affair. All of this is accentuated by the friendly staff and contented, well cared-for patrons.

So Many Options

Bombay Bistro is a hub for great Indian food, reflecting the different varieties from all over the country, and just as it offers something from North to South India, Bombay Bistro offers everything to North and South Austinites. Some of the favorites: goat curry, saag paneer, naan variations, and plenty of vegetarian options. Weekend meals at Bombay Bistro include an assortment of chaat and dosas! Your taste buds will always have something to be enticed by, and it will be totally worth it.