Pizza, Plain and Simple

Let your animal cravings for gourmet wood-fired pizza be satisfied at Bufalina, your newest Austin pizza house. The chefs there do it just right and the product is simple, defined, and enlightening as opposed to heavy. Going to Bufalina is an affair – it’s likely that you will get to know your neighbors because of the communal seating, and when you are done eating there are plenty of places in the area you will probably want to explore.

A Rotating Menu of Specialty Choices

Besides making pizza that will knock your socks off, Bufalina is consistently creative and periodically changes up their offerings. The menu usually includes your typical Neapolitan style pizzas, the “Marinara” and the “Margherita,” and with either you cannot go wrong. There are also others that are a little bit more complex – the “Taleggio” – sausage and scallion – and the “Calabrese”- tomato, spicy salami, and roasted peppers. Both pizzas are composed with a perfect layer of mozzarella cheese to tie it all together.

Everything for the Meal of Your Dreams

Besides pizzas on the menu, there are only a few other essential items. You have a few gourmet appetizer options, like the Bibb Salad and the Chilled Corn Soup, some tasty local beers, and wine from a fairly extensive but still not overwhelming wine list. And yes, you can satisfy a sweet tooth with a handful of desserts. Bufalina is a most delightful dinner option on Austin’s east side.