Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar is one of the most ideal restaurants in all of Austin for a fine dining experience. Providing expertise in culinary creations ranging from steak to wine, everything at Fleming’s is prepared with delicate consideration and thorough deliberation. For a fancy night out, an anniversary dinner, or a business lunch, Fleming’s is the perfect place in Texas for steak and sophistication.

Modern American Masterpieces

While eating steak is a tradition that’s nothing new in America, the menu at Fleming’s has incorporated some very modern fare. On the appetizer menu, a diner will find succulent and sweet chili calamari, pan-crisped pork belly, and baked Brie, just to name a few. As a patron moves through the small plates, entrée, salad, and sides menus, they’ll be wowed by novel food items like seared Ahi tuna with spicy mustard sauce, porcini rubbed filet mignon, a “modern” Caesar salad, a barbeque Scottish salmon filet, and more. In addition to the cuisine itself, Fleming’s has implemented a fairly modern idea by focusing on using ingredients that are seasonal.

An Elegant Dining Experience

Everything about this restaurant is elegant, ranging from the presentation of the food to the room in which you’ll eat. With white plates that feature colorful food items that have been artfully prepared, mood lighting that sets the scene for a romantic evening, bottles of fine wine that will delight the palate, and service that is reserved for royalty, Fleming’s provides a true fine-dining experience.

Steak Expertise

The steak at Fleming’s is available both wet and dry-aged, and is always broiled at 1,6000 degrees Fahrenheit or iron-crusted. Each steak is custom made, and can be accompanied with your side of choice, ranging from potatoes made with cream, jalapenos, and cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, grilled asparagus, and more. Or, you can pair your steak with truffle poached lobster, Diablo shrimp, king crab with herb butter, or a spread such as gorgonzola and mascarpone brulee, sweet onion and bacon jam, cabernet mustard, béarnaise, peppercorn, and even chimichurri sauce.

Wines that are Divine

If you love wine, then pairing your steak with a glass of fine wine is a must at Fleming’s. Their wine menu includes bubbly wines for festivities, fruity wines, refreshing wines, rich wines, smooth wines, earthy wines, velvety wines, voluptuous wines, and bold wines. With sommeliers on staff that can assist with any questions you may have, as well as any food parings, you should have no trouble navigating through the complex and extensive list.

Happy Hour at the Bar

If you arrive at Fleming’s before your reservation time, we highly recommend spending some time in the bar, particularly if it’s during happy hour. Until 7 PM nightly, Fleming’s offers a variety of cocktails, wine, and food selections for a $6 happy hour price. Try the blueberry lemon drop cocktail, the red blend wine, and the tenderloin Carpaccio for a treat before your meal.