Fresa’s Chicken isn’t a traditional Mexican restaurant. There is no place to sit and eat, you can’t casually enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner. No, this place is about carry-out. It’s meant to be the place you order your food and take it home to your family.

On to the food. Everything about the food here screams “quality”. The food just boasts “freshness”, and it is fresh. The ingredients are made or delivered fresh each morning. So you get the best quality. The chicken is perfectly moist and very flavorful. The queso is simply stellar (some patrons go just for that!). And the guacamole and salsas are amazing. This isn’t even mentioning the onions that are grilled to perfection, or the fresh jalapeno that come with your meal.

The only downside is that it’s a bit price for Mexican food. However, this is not a fast food place with over inflated prices. This is a high quality Mexican restaurant meant to give you a meal as good as what mama cooks at home, that you take home and feed your family. The is quality absolutely reflected in the price.

There is a difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican. That different is Fresa’s Chicken!