If you thought Krispy Kreme was good, you’ll be eating your words (or your donut) once you sample one of the sweet treats from Gourdough’s. These big and fat donuts are so good that you’ll find it impossible to have just one, and be forced into returning again and again to sample every donut that’s on the lengthy menu list.

Glazing Over the Glaze-Phase

We love glazed donuts just as much as the next person, but the hand crafted donuts at Gourdough’s that come in just about every flavor imaginable are where it’s at. And we’re not talking about the typical chocolate with sprinkles, either. Rather, we mean super creative, super unordinary, and super delicious. Take, for example, the Flying Pig Donuts at Gourdough’s, which has maple syrup icing paired with bacon. Bacon. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then what does? Maybe the Heavenly Hash instead–a donut that’s topped with marshmallow, chocolate fudge, and fudge brownie candy, or the Carney, which has apple pie filling, cream cheese icing, caramel, and dry roasted peanuts. With 24 different donut options that are all just as creative and wild as the next, you’re going to have a tough time choosing. Top favorites include the Blue Balls, which has blueberry filling and blue icing, as well as the Baby Rattler, which is a donut topped with fudge icing, Oreo cookie crumbles, and gummy worms.

It’s important to note that Gourdough’s only serves donuts, so you won’t find any ice cream, cookies, pies, brownies, etc. here. Just donuts. But, even if you’re not a fan of donuts, you should definitely go here, because once a person tries a donut from Gourdough’s, they’re an instant donut-convert.

Food Trailer Treats

Gourdough’s Donuts is a food trailer, not a full on restaurant/bakery establishment. As such, while there’s seating, it’s only outside, so don’t plan on going here on a rainy day unless you’re taking it to go. That being said, the outdoor seating is actually pretty cute, and has picnic tables paired with red umbrellas to protect you from the sun.

Spendy Sweets

The donuts at Gourdough’s might be a little bit more expensive that you’re usually willing to spend for dessert, but hey, the creativity and innovation of this donut shop kind of makes it worth it, right? Plus you haven’t treated yourself to something this good since… yesterday. Nonetheless, we think you deserve a donut that costs between four and six bucks (depending upon the toppings). And we’re pretty sure it will be a decision that you absolutely won’t regret.

Order Enough for Everyone

If you want to really wow your co-workers at your next office meeting, or need a fun any interesting dessert idea for the birthday party of the child who refuses to eat cake, you should order from Gourdough’s in bulk. Everyone will love them (and you for bringing them).