When patrons think about Hopfields, they just have to smile. The beer selection in this Gastropub is smaller than other places, but they are nonetheless skillfully crafted. Some would even say that Hopfield’s brews are even better crafted than others. Since Hopfields does not keep too many of the mainstream beers on tap, they are able to really bring together a varied and impressive selection of beers from all over the world. Hopfields does keep a solid selection of local Texas beers, however. You will never have difficulty finding anything delicious at Hopfield.

In addition to their great beer selections, Hopfields sports some truly fantastic grub. Even for a Gastropub, it is a smaller than normal menu, but the fare is really well done. You can even find yourself some vegetarian grub to eat, if that is your desire.

The sampling is not extensive, but you’ll have a hard time not finding something to love at Hopfields.