Inner Space Cavern is touted as one of the best preserved caves in Texas, as well as one of the few places where remains of prehistoric animals were unearthed.

Visitors can explore this beautiful limestone cavern and discover various examples of nature’s artistic perfection. Comes see natural beauties such as the mysterious “Lake of the Moon”, the majestic “Flowing Stone of Time” and the intricately complex “Soda Straw Balcony”. Among the beautiful varieties of formations that are found within Inner Space Cavern, visitors will see ancient flowstones, beautiful helictites, and gigantic columns. The Inner Space Cavern tour guides all but take visitors back in time where they can experience the fascinating history of the cave and its discovery.

Inner Space Cavern offers visitors three different types of tours to entice visitors of any and all ages. Choose from their classic Adventure Tour, their thrilling Explorer’s Tour, or their challenging Wild Cave Tour.  The Adventure Tours and Explorer Tours are both walking tours.  The Wild Cave Tour is as close to spelunking as a visitor can come without actually doing it.

After the tour, visitors can stop by the gift shop and enjoy a tasty beverage or a snack at their concession area. Inner Space Cavern’s other attractions include activities such as panning for minerals and natural gems at their Inner Space Mine, relaxing underneath a canopy of beautiful Texas Live Oaks outside in the picnic area, or the fun-filled the play-scape just for children.