Wanna dress up as a Spaceman for HAlloween, or a naughty shark for Mardi Gras, or a Lady Gaga with the head of Barney the Purple Dinosaur? There is weird and then there is the very specific brand of crazy-fun at Lady in Disguise with Diamonds, probably the most original and unique costume shop in all of Austin.

They have just about everything you can ever want in a costume, in costume¬†accessories, and in dress ups. Whether it be as tame as a pirate or nurse, as unique as a rhino or a duck, or as naughty as… well, you should go see for yourself – Lady in Disguise has it!

The staff there is as crazy as they are helpful. You can tell these people love their job, and really help you get into the spirit of things. You will have as much fun shopping for what you’re going to wear as you will actually wearing it.

They have event spaces for rent as well, so if you really wanna have a crazy time, get your friends together and rent out a space for the nuttiest costume party you’ll ever have!

This is one of those places you need to see to believe! And believe me, you’ll want to come back!