Malverde is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooftop lounges in all of Austin, and available exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a hidden little gem upon the second floor of the Mexican restaurant La Condesa, which can only be reached via a staircase on the ground floor.

Once atop, you will be amazed by the gardens hanging from the ceilings and lining the walls, and you will immediately feel like you’ve been transported to a place of luxury. And from there you won’t be able to resist relaxation any longer, as you perch on one of the posh chaise lounge chairs surrounded by walls of windows. And the music in the background being spun by a live DJ will put a pep into your conversation, and into your step.

The set-up is such that you don’t have to get involved with the dancing if you don’t want to (unless of course you go to the bar or bathrooms, in which case you can sometimes get swept up into dancing when you don’t necessarily intend to do so). Malverde does tend to get crowded, so sometimes conversation can be tough. Luckily this indoor space bleeds into an outdoor patio with more greenery and a great view.

Besides being beautiful, Malverde has plenty of great specialty cocktails for whatever mood you’re in, so set aside a weekend night and pay a visit to Malverde.