For some of the best barbeque in Austin, you have to check out Micklethwait Craft Meats on Rosewood Ave. While the food is served from a food trailer, everything about this place is downright delicious.

Craft Meat Musts

Micklethwait has created some of the most delicious craft meats in all of Texas, and if you visit this place, you’ve absolutely got to try the beef ribs, priced at $19 per pound; the pork spare ribs, $16 per pound; or the specialty sausage, which varies daily, and is also priced at $16 per pound. The meat is succulent and juicy, perfectly flavored and wonderfully moist. All of the meat is prepared to absolute perfection, and is fall-off-the-bone good.

Equally Delicious Craft Sides

While getting the meat is an absolute must, you’d be missing out if you didn’t splurge a little on the sides, too. The jalapeno cheese grits are, hands down, the best grits you’ll ever eat, and if you don’t order them, you will regret it. The beans, potato salad, and coleslaw are also pretty superb. When it comes to food, Micklethwait has gotten pretty much everything right.

At Micklethwait, you can order plates of meat and sides, which is a pretty good deal. One meat plus two sides is $10.50, two meats plus two sides is $12.50, and three meats with two sides is $14.75.

From Savory to Sweet

While the dessert menu isn’t lengthy, the flavor of the sweet treats here makes up for it. After you’ve had your meat and sides, we highly recommend ordering a piece of pecan pie. If you don’t like pecans, the buttermilk pie and homemade moon pies are pretty good, too.

Outdoor Seating Only

Let us clarify, this is a food trailer. While it’s stationary, there’s not any indoor seating. But, they have set up some picnic tables outdoors that you can use to chow down. Also, this place gets packed and parking is often a squeeze, so carpool or bike if you can. Because it’s outdoor only, it also happens to be dog-friendly. As such, if you’ve been searching for a great BBQ joint where you can bring your pup, Micklethwait is great.

Juice and Coffee

A plus of Micklethwait is that right next door to this barbeque trailer is a juice and coffee trailer, so if you need an after-meal caffeine boost or feel like grabbing something fresh to sip on with your meal, you’re all set. Or, you can always just order the peach iced tea from Micklethwait, which is pretty good.

Expensive Eating

The only downside to Micklethwait is that, especially for a food trailer that’s not really providing any service or indoor seating, it’s pretty expensive. If you don’t mind the cost, then it’s perfect. However, despite the higher prices, it’s still worth saving up for.