Have a Fun and Unique Time – Be a Master Painter

So you’re in the mood for a fun activity, but the same old stuff is boring. Join Pinot’s Palette for a fun painting party!

It’s a relaxing way to mingle with others, snack and drink, and have a great time painting.

Bring Your Friends or Make Yourself Some New Friends –

There are open sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings – so come on by and make yourself some new friends. The atmosphere at at Pinot’s is fun and relaxing, and the people are very friendly.

Or… why not bring a group? You can come and celebrate any occasion. Pinot’s painting parties are perfect for celebrating a girl’s night out, bridal and baby showers, and of course birthday parties. Sometimes people just celebrate making it through another work week without losing all their hair!

A Fun Way to Throw a Party –

Wear something simple that can take spots of stray paint. All guests get an apron for their use.

Bring your own food, order a pizza, set up a birthday cake–the possibilities are endless. Pinot’s Palette welcomes all wine, beer, and liquor–they provide both a wine cooler and stemware.

And when you leave, you can smile, because someone else will be loading all those glasses in the dishwasher!

Pinot’s Palette has a Private Party Room –

Do you prefer privacy? For groups over 10 people we recommend you reserve Pinot’s private party room. Now you can get a little louder and rowdier. Tell jokes you’d never tell in public. Heck, maybe even paint a nude?

You’re a Better Painter Than You Ever Realized –

Are you worried that you can’t actually paint?

No worries. Pinot’s Palette in South Austin has artist-facilitators to help! They are all degreed art professionals and many of them are full time art teachers.

These artists will select a featured painting for you to recreate. It will be one that is simple for you to complete … think like an impressionist piece that doesn’t require professional technique or exacting detail.

Then the artist will walk you through the painting step-by-step, ensuring that you are able to stay on track and complete your masterpiece by the end of the night. Most of Pinot’s Palette’s first time painters are so proud of their finished piece that they frame it and hang it in their homes.

Bring The Kids Along –

The private party room at Pinot’s Palette is perfect for your kid’s birthday party. For a special low rate of only $25 per kid, children can enjoy the fun of painting. And it’s educational too, so who knows…you may unlock your little one’s hidden talent.

The minimum age allowed for birthday parties is 6 years old, with a minimum group size of 10.

Bring a birthday cake. Have a great time. Leave all the mess behind for someone else to worry about.

And 13 to 17 years old teens are welcome to come to open sessions so long as they have an adult with them.

Two Convenient Locations in Austin

South – 3005 S Lamar Blvd b106 Austin, TX 78704 (512) 326-2746

North – 13435 N Highway 183, Suite 306, Austin, TX, 78750 (512) 249-9672

Fun Junkie Readers Get a Discount!

Reader’s of FunJunkie.com can get a 20% discount at either of the two Austin locations by entering coupon code “FunJunkie.com” on the Pinot’s Palette website.

To get a 20% discount:

  1. Follow the link to the class calendar of your preferred location
  2. Select a class from the class calendar
  3. In the checkout cart use the coupon code “funjunkie.com” to reduce the price in the shopping cart by 20%