Plush is known to some as the “512 DJ Mecca,” a place where Austin DJs and their mixes thrive, and obscure techno music gets heard. The “underground” feel that so many refer to when they talk about Plush is felt in the tight-knit and energetic vibe of this small club, and the fact that many styles of electronic and hip hop music that are commonly ignored are played in abundance here.

If you are looking to dance, Plush is your place. If you aren’t so much of a dancer then you should know that while the dance floor gets wild there is a space to sit and relax in the back of the bar. It’s a little gem of a place that’s perfect for hiding away in, and you’ll still be able to hear the music reverberating throughout the club.

It’s usually free to get in to Plush so all you have to worry about is getting your drinks, which come at great prices. No matter what, be prepared to hear some quality music. There are drum and bass Tuesdays, along with other electronic, dance, and hip hop music nights throughout the week. If you are into electronic music you can check out Plush on almost any given night and hear something you like.