You’ve seen the PubCrawler all around Austn. You’ve likely honked or called out to the people on-board. You’ve likely thought “that looks like a blast!”

Well it is!

PubCrawler is a rentable way to go bar-hopping with your closest friends. You can fit up to 15 people on the pubcrawler.  10 of the seats have pedals, and they have to do the work for all the rest. If you’re a Republican there’s a joke in there somewhere. The company supplies a driver who steers… applies the brakes…and shouts encouragement to the peddlers.

The price to peddle is $160 to $190 per hour for the entire group depending on the day you choose.  Holidays are the most expensive….weekdays the least expensive. So if you get enough people to go it’s actually fairly cheap.

They also have an open seating tour called Social Suds where you can try it out without renting the whole Pubcrawler.  It’s about $30, lasts for about two hours, and stops at three bars. It’s a cool way to meet some new people.

The Pubcrawler is B.Y.O.B. – Guests can bring pony kegs, home brew kegs, canned beer and wine only. No bottles, hard liquor or half-barrel kegs. Bring your own pony or home brew keg and connect directly to the pubcrawler tap. They have connections for both ball-lock and pin-lock home brew kegs.

You can also bring your own food and your own music.

You can drink while on board the PubCrawler.  But due to Austin City ordinance you can only drink in certain areas.  The Pubcrawler-supplied driver will let you know when it’s okay.  Otherwise, Austin alcohol consumption laws mean you’ll have to buy and consume drinks at the various bars you and your friends will stop at.

One more thing, while the PubCrawler has a list of bars it goes to, and you can choose which ones to stop at.

Preferred Stops – Special pricing for PubCrawlers – ask for details!

  • Tacos & Tequila
  • Tiniest Bar in Texas
  • Kung Fu Saloon

Optional Stops

  • Little Woodrow’s
  • Key Bar
  • Dogwoods
  • Ranch
  • Third Base
  • Rio
  • Brew Exchange