If you are an outdoor lover and can’t get enough of hiking, exploring, and nature in general, you  may be looking for your next adrenaline high or outdoor challenge. In fact, you may have even thought seriously about trying your hands at rock climbing, but haven’t pursued it as you’re not quite sure where to begin. If you love the outdoors and you love pushing your body to a new level, rock-about climbing adventures is a great place to start learning how to rock climb.

Year Round Courses

The courses that are offered at Rock-About Climbing aren’t for those that just want to go once and call it quits (although these people are welcome, too). Instead, the company offers year-round courses so that you can seamlessly transition from a beginner rock climber to a pro.

Types of Climbing Courses

One of the best courses that’s designed for kids are the Rock-About Climbing Adventures Summer Camps. These camps are all about having positive interactions with others and learning how to work together as a member of team. There’s also a Christmas break camp available for students, too. Usually, the cost is $500 per student, although the special right now is for $400 per student. Each camp is four days long.

Other courses available for sign up for adults are a basic climbing skills course, a climbing techniques course, a lead climbing course, and a trad climbing and anchors course. There are also team building course, and private instruction sessions, too.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Not only is rock climbing a great way to make friends, exercise, and build muscle, but it’s also great for connecting with nature and exploring the great outdoors. Rock-About climbs at some great spots, including Enchanted Rock, Reimer’s Ranch, Barton Creek Greenbelt, The Pecos River, and El Potrero Chico (Mexico).

Who should try rock climbing? 

If you think that rock climbing isn’t for you, you’ll never know before you try. Rock climbing is a great sport that just about anyone can enjoy, and can be tailored for just about any ability level. Plus, rock climbing is a sport that can be done at any age, and even kids are more than welcome to participate in climbs. A full day of rock climbing is actually pretty affordable, too, and the rock climbing 101 class – basic rock climbing skills, is priced at only $100 per person for a full day of instruction. If you are looking for a fun date activity to do with your significant other that’s out of the ordinary, you can even sign up for a private lesson for two for $300. The cost includes all of your gear, so you don’t have to worry about providing your own shoes or ropes.

If you like getting outdoors, enjoy pushing yourself to accomplish new challenges, and like engaging in activities that are new and exciting, you’ll love rock climbing with Rock-About Climbing Adventures.