Stiles Switch BBQ is an Austin favorite, specializing in cold beer and slow smoked meats. Located in the historic Victoria Crown Shopping Center, a stop in at Stiles is perfect for a beverage and sustenance break. A true Austin staple that is loved by locals and tourists alike, if you want real Texas BBQ, you’ve got to go to Stiles.

The Best Slow Cooked Meats

If meat that’s cooked so perfectly it falls off the bone is your type of dinner, then you’ll love the BBQ here. Buy the brisket by the half pound for $8.25, and retreat into a heavenly barbeque bliss. The pork spare ribs, $7.50 for a half pound, and jalapeno cheddar sausage, $2.95 apiece, are also great choices. Or, if you don’t want to buy by the pound or by the piece, opt for one of the meat plates, preferably the beef ribs, which are raved about by everyone who eats them. For $17.99, you’ll get a pound of these juicy and delicious ribs, plus two sides.

Must-order Side Selections

Of course, a true barbeque meal wouldn’t be complete without some scrumptious sides to accompany the meat. Favorite sides at Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew include the mac and cheese, which is as creamy and cheesy as it should be; the pinto beans, which have an original flavor that can’t be beaten anywhere else; and the corn casserole, which is a unique dish that can’t be found at a lot of other places. If you prefer the traditional sides, Stiles has the potato salad and coleslaw, too.

Sweet Choices

After you indulge in succulent meat and satisfying sides, don’t forget to save a little bit of room for a sweet treat at the end of your meal. The peach cobbler here is some of the best in Austin, and the banana pudding is to die for!

Beer in a Biker Bar

Like most BBQ joints, Stiles doesn’t have the most romantic of atmospheres. However, it does have an ambiance that screams casual with its biker-bar appearance both inside and out. With picnic tables in the back for outdoor eating, and plenty of taps inside to keep the beer flowing, this is the perfect hangout for a night of drinking or getting messy with a plate of brisket.

Great Service Tops it All

One of the things that we love most about Stiles is the fact that, despite the great food, you never have to wait too long to get your meal. While other BBQ establishments in Texas are full of long lines, and often run out of food, Stiles has a big stockpile of meat and plenty of tables. As such, you’re almost guaranteed to get what you want to order, and you’ll pretty much always get seated quickly. The downside to Stiles? It’s a bit pricier than other places. With plates starting at $12 and sandwiches as $6.50, it won’t break the bank, and for the quality, it’s worth it.