Our first inclination to try this place comes from the name, which sounds mysterious, flirtatious, and tempting all at once. And, as attractive as the name sounds, the food is just as irresistible.

Local, Seasonal, Fresh

If you love eating local for health reasons, earth reasons, or supporting the local economy (or all three), then Wink is the restaurant for you. The menu is always seasonal to provide you with only the freshest of ingredients, and the restaurant partners with Texas farms, ranchers, dairy producers, and more.

Welcoming Everyone

Wink provides amazing dishes for vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, and just about any other dietary preference you can think of.  So, if you’re looking for a restaurant that will accommodate your friend that only eats fish, your friend that only eats grass-fed beef, your friend that hates vegetables, and your friend that only eats gluten-free, Wink is the best place for all of them.

Daily Changing Menu

The menu here changes daily, so it’s impossible to say right here what you’re going to get when you go. That being said, some dishes that have been featured in the past include chilled tomato soup with almonds, seared scallops with watermelon and grapefruit vinaigrette, trout with beech mushrooms, Hamachi sashimi, fried sweetbreads, rack of lamb with cous cous, duck breast with butter braised leeks, and more. There is also foie gras on the menu every week, although it’s prepared differently each time. The foie gras is amazing, and people go here for that alone. The menus are always eclectic, original, and very modern. If you are up for it, the five-course chef’s tasting menu is always a big hit.

Romantic and Upscale

This isn’t the place to bring your children. Rather, leave them at home with a sitter and try Wink with your sweetheart. The atmosphere is upscale and romantic, and you’ll see a lot of couples or groups of close friends here. With dimmed lighting that makes things feel amorous, and plenty of great wines to choose from, this is the perfect place for a first date or an anniversary dinner.

The Wine Bar

If you love wine, you’ll love the wine bar at Wink. With a lengthy list of wines to choose from that have all been picked for a reason, you can opt for a wine by the glass or pick a bottle to share instead. They have sparkling wines, red wines, white wines, dessert wines, and wines from around the world, including Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, California, Washington, Germany, Greece, and more. Plus, you can eat at the wine bar.

For a classy evening that will be memorable for the food, the ambiance, and the service, make a reservation at Wink today. Remember to wear dressy attire, and prepare yourself for an evening of elegance.