Every now and then, there comes a bar that has a certain flair to it, provides a certain ambiance where you can explore around and just enjoy. That is the beauty of the Quarter Bar. There is simply so much to see!

You’ll love every nook and cranny of the Quarter Bar’s interior. With its Southern, New Orleansish gothic vibe, it has an atmosphere that is as unique as it is cozy. Stepping inside the Quarter Bar is like stepping into an Anne Rice novel.

But the real gem of the Quarter Bar is the open-air upstairs patio, which gives you an unobstructed viewe of McKinney Avenue and the courtyard in the middle. With the courtyard’s exposed brick and heavy plant foliage, the Quarter Bar just feels like a tucked-away corner of the French Quarter, right off of Bourbon Street.

The drinks are as good as the Happy Hour specials. But if you don’t go for the distinct New Orleans feeling, you’re going for all the wrong reasons!