History lives and breathes in this controversial Detroit residential art installment which has been a part of the neighborhood since the mid-1980s. The art of the Heidelberg Project includes decorated and sometimes garish, but always colorful and thought-provoking, vacant houses, cars, sculptures created with found objects, and more. The artwork of The Heidelberg Project began as the initiative of a family from the area as a reflection on the community at the time, and has experienced an evolution since its founding. All of it can be viewed from the street at any time that you would visit any other residential neighborhood.

It is still as inherent to the existing community as it has ever been, and in addition to the forces behind its inception, has also experienced growth, destruction and transformation throughout the ongoing contributions, interpretations, appreciations, and resistance from others that it has endured over the years. The art installment serves the whole city of Detroit and any donations you make feed into a number of different funds that support the community at-large. If you retain an interest in it after you visit, you can check out any number of events that happen regularly on and off site. Check out their website for important FAQs and parking information before you go.